About Cloud West Digital

Cloud West Digital LTD is a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House in England. The Directors have over twenty years of experience in providing project management and delivery of funded projects, specialising in digital inclusion and reaching communities. CWD provides innovative solutions for delivery to hard to reach target groups as well as providing strong project management to ensure targets are met to satisfy funders. CWD manages and runs its own projects as well as providing project management and guidance for third-party projects where appropriate.

The end users or clients of CWD are the people who have been bypassed by advances in technology and society in general. These range from young people not in employment or education to older people experiencing loneliness and difficulty in functioning in an increasingly online world. Left unaddressed these people become a financial drain on society in a number of ways including crime, addiction, health issues etc.

CWD addresses these issues by providing activities that are social, motivational and creative. New and digital technologies are used to enhance and drive the activities but they are also people-centric and developed around the participant’s abilities and desires. Our activities provide life and employment enhancing skills for young people. For older people, the activities combat loneliness and seclusion as well assisting them to keep up with changes in how society operates in an increasingly, online, digital and automated world.

Registered in EnglandĀ 11615588